P.R.P. injection therapy is an alternative to surgery

If you’ve suffered a foot, ankle or leg injury and you’re looking for a non-surgical treatment that will quickly get you back to work or to your normal level of activities, then Platelet Rich Plasma or P.R.P. injection therapy is the solution for you. I’m a podiatric surgeon based in Los Angeles, and I’ve introduced PRP therapy to help patients accelerate the repair of traumatic foot, ankle and leg injuries. It’s a treatment that’s being used as a safe and effective alternative to surgery. It helps to speed up the recovery time of an injury, which is why most celebrities and professional athletes swear by it.  

How It Works

When there is tissue injury or damage, the injured cells signal the recruitment of platelets to begin the bodies own healing process. At the Releford Foot and Ankle Institute, Dr. Releford will draw a small amount of the patient’s blood and concentrate the platelets using his proprietary method. Then the concentrated growth factors are injected into the affected area. The healing begins immediately and most patients experience immediate relief from pain and stiffness. The best results are seen with those patients that incorporate some forms of physical therapy with the PRP injections. 

Benefits of PRP

What’s great about this treatment is that the materials that heal the injured body part are from the person’s own body. In other words, platelet-rich plasma or PRP is made from the person’s blood. It contains over 30 growth factors that actively repair and restore damaged tissue. It also repairs blood vessel damage, decreases inflammation and they help the muscle ligament tendon tears to rapidly accelerate in their recovery time and healing process. The reason why this treatment is so safe and effective is that it’s using the body’s own advanced healing technology to repair itself.

Reasons for PRP Injections

As a non-surgical treatment, there are many benefits of PRP therapy. If you have been injured for a while and it’s not healing and you don’t want surgery, then this is a good option for you. If you’ve just got an injury and you need to quickly get better, this is also a good option for you. Additionally, if you are thinking about getting surgery (which is a very invasive procedure with many months of rehabilitation), PRP is the ideal option for you. It is very effective and has a high success rate to help you repair the injury. 


If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain in your foot, ankle or leg and reluctant to have an invasive surgical procedure, then PRP injection therapy could be the answer for you. P.R.P. injection therapy is perhaps one of the safest treatment options available mainly because the treatment is derived from the patients own blood. Dr. Bill Releford is a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine with over 30 years experience. Dr. Releford holds several patents in the processing of platelet-rich plasma to yield one of the highest concentrations of growth factors in the industry. 


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